Corvus Templeton Black

A Trickster Were-Raven, who moon-lights as an Investigative Gun-slinger


Note: I might not keep this updated as I level (unless asked), but here are my original stats:

Human Skills:
Great (4): Guns, Investigation
Good (
3): Deceit, Athletics
Fair (2): Alertness, Stealth, Contacts
Average (
1) : Burglary, rapport, Empathy, Endurance, Resources

Raven Skills:
5 Athletics
4 Stealth, Burglary
3 Alertness, Might
2 Guns, Survival
1 Contacts, Endurance

Other Abilities
Beast Sense – Sight (+1 on rolls that rely on sight)
Beast Trappings – See Magnetic Fields (gives ability to find magnetic north)
Can communicate with Birds

Stunts & Powers
-1 Beast Change (174)
+1 Human Form (176)
-1 Echoes of the Beast (163)
-1 Diminutive Size (163)
-1 Wings (165)
-1 Target Rich Environment (Guns)
-1 Hand-Eye Coordination (Guns)
-1 Document Forging (Disguise)


Corvus Templeton Black

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