Laura Mary Hughs

True Believer: Joan of Arc for this generation


HIGH CONSEPT: True Believer pg 82: Joan of Arc for this generation

TROUBLE: Beloved Brother (Jeremy Hughs) turned cultist (following Russel Carson).

OTHER ASPECTS: “Follow Your Heart” “Inquiring Mind,” “I have bad memories down this road,” “We must act to protect,” “Conservative Family Girl”

SKILLS (25 pts):
4): Conviction, Rapport
Good(3): Contacts, Scholarship
2): Guns, Athletics, Alertness
Average(+1): Presence, Discipline, Endurance, Investigation, Empathy

STUNTS/POWERS (6 pts): Adjusted Refresh 1
Bless This House (-1)
Guide My Hand (-1)
Righteousness pg 188(-2)
Person of Conviction pg 150 (-1) use conviction instead of presence to determine social stress capacity.
Fleet of Foot (-1) When sprinting gain +2 to athletics

Mental OOOO
Physical OOO
Social OOOO

Random Gear: Hand gun given to her by her father for her 21st birthday when she moved out. Weapon (2). One Kevlar vest from ex boyfriend Corvus.


NOTES: My inquiring mind aspect is supposed to depict Laura’s desire to find things out, and her extraordinary interest in the strange and odd happenings of the city. She gets a thrill out of finding out things that are well beyond ordinary.

BACKGROUND: Aspect: Conservative Family Girl
Grew up with loving family, parents are Andy and Mary Hughs. Ultra conservative family, the shooting range was a fun family outing. Also has 2 younger sisters. Older brother Jeremy she used to look up to before he got into trouble. Protective father (she come by her zeal to protect the Innocent honestly). Father a doctor at Johns Hopkins.

RISING CONFLICT: Title: Finding Courage Aspect: We must act to protect.
Sister Peter Ann Doran was Laura’s teacher when she was in Catholic grade school. In her teens, Laura developed a friendship with Sister Ann, and became aware of the supernatural world from hanging around her safe house. As she saw those who feared the evil and darkness, and sought safety there, she developed a desire to fight the evil and protect the innocent. It wasn’t until her brother strayed into this darkness that she acted upon this growing desire, researching and searching for a way to protect him and convince him to return to the faith. She discovered the Dupin society with their wealth of knowledge and soon became a member, following the camp of John Vastolo. In her zeal for action, she often forgets to think things through.

THE STORY:Title: Trying Faith Aspect: Follow Your Heart
Laura teams up with her then boyfriend, Corvus, to save and help her brother Jeremy from Russel Carson’s cult. She is unsuccessful in saving her brother because he doesn’t want to be rescued, but does rescue a thrall from the mind workings of Eric somethingorother, named Aaron Landcaster, who once freed from the thrall, quickly works his way into Laura’s heart. He easily breaks up Laura and Corvus as he is from her church (though currently less active) and Corvus is nonreligious all together.

GUEST STAR:Title: Aspect: “I have bad memories down this road”
Attacked by a ghoul in a dark alley, dark alleys make her nervous, more than most.
GUEST STAR REDUX: Title: Aspect:. . .

“Mundane” Life:
Lives in an apartment with “blond” roommate (Ashley Rasmussen). She is a free lance writer, but has a published book titled “Keeping a Faithful House Safe From Evil” that was a hit among the more superstitious and in the know believers. The royalties are enough to get her by between her free lance jobs, though not enough to quit them. She is researching for another book, but she isn’t really even sure what she is going to write about yet.

Has a 2001 Saturn, but tries to use public transportation as much as possible.

Scholarship of Great allows for 3 secondary languages. One will be Latin. One will be German. One will be Spanish.

Laura Mary Hughs

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